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Established with a vision to provide exceptional cleaning and soft services, Otium Services has been the preferred choice for many educational institutions, businesses, and industries across the UK. Our comprehensive services range from regular maintenance and cleaning to creating environmentally friendly spaces, all tailored to suit our clients' unique needs.

Leveraging our dedicated team of professionals, advanced technology, and a strong commitment to sustainability, we deliver high-quality solutions that surpass expectations. At Otium Services, we believe in fostering clean, safe, and sustainable environments that contribute to a healthier future. For more information, visit our website or contact us directly. We're always here to serve you better.

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Innovations and technology

Pioneering Innovations & Cutting-edge Technology It’s easy to assume that the cleaning industry hasn’t significantly evolved over the past few decades, as its advancements seldom make the headlines. However, this notion couldn’t be more off the mark. The reality is that cutting-edge technology and novel methodologies have revolutionised our industry, offering unprecedented levels of efficiency…

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Employee Assistance

What’s the secret behind Otium Services’ exceptional and dependable team? We believe in nurturing a work environment that truly values and supports our staff. In collaboration with Peninsula Business Services, we provide an array of employee benefits, creating an atmosphere that empowers our team members to focus on delivering top-notch service. We firmly believe in…

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Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Commitment to Sustainability: Minimising Ours & Your Carbon Footprint At Otium Services, we’re passionate about more than just cleanliness. Our mission extends to making the entire planet cleaner, and we’re ready to invest substantially in this future. By thoroughly evaluating our environmental impact, we have been able to invest in equipment and strategies that have…

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