Reducing our Carbon Footprint


Commitment to Sustainability: Minimising Ours & Your Carbon Footprint

At Otium Services, we're passionate about more than just cleanliness. Our mission extends to making the entire planet cleaner, and we're ready to invest substantially in this future.

By thoroughly evaluating our environmental impact, we have been able to invest in equipment and strategies that have revolutionised our business model. These investments have significantly reduced our use of harsh chemicals and our reliance on natural resources, ultimately minimising our carbon footprint.

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Consider our steam cleaning process: it uses a mere fraction of the water required by traditional chemical-based methods. We utilise this method wherever feasible, leading to cost savings for our clients and increased efficiency in our operations.

Our fleet comprises of low-emission vehicles, cutting down on CO2 emissions by several metric tons annually. This not only helps the environment, but also reduces our travel costs, enabling us to maintain our efficiency even amidst fossil fuel crises.

Our commitment to recycling and waste reduction, coupled with our environmental training for staff, has had a profound impact on not just our operations, but those of our clients as well. As we continue to reduce our carbon footprint, we're in an excellent position to extend these services to others, thereby providing top-tier recycling and waste collection services.

At Otium Services, we're eager to share our expertise in green cleaning. We offer a comprehensive suite of eco-friendly cleaning and support services. These include deep cleaning of wet areas, specialist spa cleaning, carpet cleaning, procurement of environmentally friendly consumables, sustainable grounds maintenance, and waste management.

Our clients rightfully expect first class cleaning standards across their leisure facilities, particularly in changing rooms and wet areas. Otium's experience and technical know-how allow us to devise innovative solutions that minimise the use of harsh chemicals at each step.

We can assist you in developing a more environmentally friendly approach to cleaning and maintaining your pool areas, shower rooms, and saunas.

Join Us in Our Journey Towards a Sustainable Future

Choosing Otium Services means choosing a cleaner environment for your institution and contributing to a healthier planet. Contact us today to learn how we can work together towards achieving sustainability goals. Together, let's make a difference for our future generations.

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