How green cleaning is the perfect money saving option this spring

So fresh and so green!

The world of sustainability is evolving, along with our attitudes towards it. As we place a greater emphasis on the practise of sustainability, people are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious – a trend that’s filtering through our society in various ways and influencing our everyday choices.

Thankfully, there are many ways we can achieve the perfect balance between clean and green without breaking the bank. That’s why, as we enter spring and our homes are due their annual exfoliation, we’ve put together some top tips for an eco-friendly and money-saving cleanse.

1. Shop smarter

There are several products lining supermarket shelves that are a minimalist’s dream. Those with recyclable packaging and concentrated formulas are particularly eco-friendly as they’re designed to enable more washes, save on manufacturing and transport costs, and minimise how much of the product is needed per use.

2 . Measure the dose

Time is so often of the essence, especially when there are a million other things to be getting on with; however, taking a few seconds to check how much product is actually needed for each wash will save you money in the long run. For example, if you’re using too much washing powder, it’s a waste. Whereas, if you’re using too little, it probably won’t clean your clothes as well as it should, which means you’ll either need to run your clothes through the washing machine again or risk walking around with less-than-hygienic attire.

3. Wash using lower temperatures

Most cleaning products have been tested for effectiveness long before they reach our shelves, meaning if a product promises you it will clean just as well on a lower temperature, they have studies and science to back up their claims (and counter any potential libel!) Colder washes are also more environmentally friendly as they reduce the amount of energy required to heat the water. Reducing your energy consumption also saves on your electricity or gas bill!

4. Refill or recycle

Although this might be obvious, it’s worth noting that checking the packaging on your favourite cleaning products to ensure they’re recyclable is a quick win for the environment. The same goes for refillable products that utilise single-use plastics more effectively. Why buy the same product over and over again when you can just top-up the one you have whenever you’re running low?

5. Check for certified logos

The Charter for Sustainable Cleaning has designed a range of logos that highlight products and manufacturers taking sustainability seriously and implementing changes for the good of our planet. By choosing products that have these logos, you can be sure you’re making well-informed, eco-friendly choices. 

6. A = appliance efficiency

Appliances with efficiency ratings of A or higher are eco-friendlier than their counterparts. When you’re next looking to buy or replace your dishwasher or washing machine, think about upgrading to one with an ‘A’ rating that prides itself on saving water, energy and the planet!

7. Air dry where possible

There are several benefits to letting your clothes dry naturally. Not only are air-driers better for the planet, they’re great for clothes that are prone to shrinking, snagging or general wear and tear. That’s why a simple way to improve your wardrobe’s longevity is to hang out your washing on a sunny day!

8. Natural vs. chemical

There’s a common misconception that using natural products is more environmentally friendly than choosing man-made or chemical products. Firstly, synthetic ingredients tend to perform better as they’ve been modified from natural ingredients to do so; and secondly, the law states that anything made for human consumption must be safe and risk assessed to ensure they don’t harm people or the eco-system. That means every product in your local supermarket has gone through rigorous safety testing before its displayed and sold to you. Ultimately, what make you choose just comes down to personal preference.

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